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About Us: Who We Are

Joel A. Zack, President of Heritage Tours (U.S.A.), Inc., is a Fulbright Scholar, a Kinne Fellow and an author (on Morocco), who has traveled all over the world. He received a Master’s degree (in architecture) from Columbia University and has been active in cultural tourism and preservation of historic sites since 1985. His work on Morocco and Turkey has been exhibited in museums and galleries in Washington, D.C. and New York.

In each country, we have searched extensively to find the very best people.

Our partners all share a belief in the positive benefits of tourism as a force for global enrichment and understanding. In each country, our partners work to promote a high-quality, respectful approach to tourism that benefits the people of the host country.

They all know their destinations inside-out and are leaders in their field. They know the importance of first-rate service and attention to details. They understand American clientele and the high levels of service they expect.

Our guides are among the best available; our drivers and driver/guides are always popular with our clients.

We believe that the most important service we can provide for you is giving you a truly outstanding guide - someone who can provide you with the context needed to weave together the various threads of your experiences as a guest in his or her country. A good guide not only provides historical/ cultural information and assistance with logistical matters, but also becomes your friend—knowing when to step away, but also knowing when to provide just a bit more assistance. It is your guide who provides the "window" through which you see the country and for you, he or she becomes your most lasting impression of that country.

Many clients have reported that some of their most valuable experiences took place not while "sight-seeing", but in spontaneous conversations as their guide may have explained his or her hopes and dreams in raising a daughter in an Islamic country or perhaps shed light on something else, such as MTV or religious tolerance.

We have in each country culinary experts as well as academics specializing in history, art, architecture, and Jewish heritage.

Ultimately, this is your vacation.

From the design of your itinerary to that final moment when our guide wishes you a Bon Voyage, we are here to serve you so that your vacation is everything you hope for.

Whether you travel in Spain, Morocco, Turkey or South Africa, we are ready to provide you with the services that you need to give you a meaningful, memorable and unique experience.

Experience the Extraordinary.

Since 1995, Heritage Tours Private Travel has been bringing the sophisticated, well-educated traveler a level of service and experience unequalled. Many companies known for selling groups are now offering their versions of "private custom-designed travel", but it is all we have ever done.

"The Hottest... The Best... The Next"

—Travel + Leisure

"Heritage Tours' tailor-made trips are led by guides of the highest caliber"


"In a place where not everything runs like clockwork, it was reassuring to be in the reliable hands of experts like Heritage Tours."


Four-time winner, Editor's Choice Award

—Out and About

Heritage Tours is also recognized by The New York Times, The Footprint Guide Series, National Geographic Traveler, and many other publications.


Travel and Leisure
Conde Nast Traveler

Travel + Leisure A-List - Super-Agent: Joel A. Zack. Condé Nast Traveler Top Travel Specialist (Morocco): Joel A. Zack.